A Note From Bryan

What do you want to be when you grow up?

We’ve all been asked that infamous question. As I got older, I became fixated on a slightly different version of it: How can I align passion and profit? I spent hours wondering how I could do something I loved and be compensated for it. 

I never wanted to sacrifice one for the other. Instead, I wanted to live intentionally, investing the majority of my time and effort in endeavors that lit me up.

Early in my career, I found my answer: I could help others take control of their futures, creating their arc from scratch or adding fuel to the fire by advancing an initiative they had already launched. Arcbound is our vehicle to serve the world. To help others explore their potential, live it fully, and show others they can do the same. 

It has become the most rewarding work of my life, forging meaningful relationships and evolving alongside my own arc. It’s a journey that requires continual introspection and micro-adjustments to stay aligned to who I am at my core, and that keeps me engaged and motivated. 

Here, you’ll find musings on what I’ve learned, updates on what’s happening at Arcbound and beyond, and my insights on how to launch your own powerful arc. 

Looking forward to the journey ahead,

Bryan Wish