Designing a Targeted
and Powerful
Book Launch

An investor, author, and former tech CEO came to Arcbound for wraparound support as he prepared to launch his first book.


Our client partnered with Arcbound to capitalize on his already active audience and expand his online presence before the launch of his book. Our aim was to create a foundational community that found value in his work and channel their engagement toward book sales.


Together, we identified a target audience, set measurable objectives for his campaign, and hit the ground running toward his book launch.


To build our client’s personal brand and communicate his ideas effectively, we first needed to know who needed to hear his message. Through our research, we identified a target audience that consisted of four key demographics: CEOs, marketing professionals, entrepreneurial college students, and press outlets in the innovation space. Then, we set our top priorities for the launch campaign, which included speaking engagements, a national book tour, and a flood of PR placements.

Once we had an audience, we began spreading the message through our personal networks,  social media sites such as LinkedIn and Instagram, and other platforms, from podcasts and TEDx events, to MorningBrew and PRSUIT. We also helped secure book tour dates nationwide. These efforts, coupled with the strategic release of teaser content and limited details on social media, ensured that our client’s book captured attention months before its launch.


Our efforts to increase exposure positioned our client as an authority in his space and drove book sales before, during, and after his launch.

Arcbound has a special knack for getting ‘it’ done, and ‘it’ can truly be anything. Throw a multi-city book tour? Check. Run a multi-channel social media strategy? Check. Connect two people who need to meet? Check. Bryan and his team are all that and then some.

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