Kareem Abdukhadra is the Founder of Relentless, a platform that helps ambitious job seekers find their dream job with less effort. Relentless promises to help participants land 10+ interviews per month with minimal time commitment and work by identifying the best roles to target, automating interview scheduling, interview coaching, and negotiating the highest possible offer.

Kareem graduated from Columbia University in 2020, during the height of the pandemic. He had been applying to jobs for months, but couldn’t land any interviews. That’s when he had an idea: What if he could use the strategies he learned from years in sales and marketing to land jobs? By setting up this system, Kareem went from a 3 month, 0 interview streak to landing 30 interviews over a few weeks, catching the interest of the world’s highest performers, including PayPal Founder Peter Theil and Magic Leap Founder Rony Abovitz. Developing this system led him to founding Relentless and applying this strategy to others. Find out how he got there today on the One Away Show.


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