Misty Dykema is Co-Owner and Principal of Simantel, an award-winning industrial consumer marketing firm, where she’s led teams for 18 years with a single creed: Really good marketing requires really brave leadership. Misty is a leader in business development at Simantel, overseeing and facilitating executive alignment workshops and Simantel’s content and brand positioning. Misty is also a Board Member for The Advertising and Marketing Independent Network; a leader in Bradley University’s Alumni Alliance for the Theresa Falcon Executive MBA program; and a Board Member of Central Illinois’ American Red Cross Chapter, serving the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. 

Misty also hosts the award-winning podcast, Marketing Sweats, where she interviews fellow marketing execs and community leaders on the heart, soul, and sweat that goes into getting marketing done right. In 2022, Misty launched her own consulting practice, The Misty Effect, where she guides participants through a six-part program designed to help leaders achieve their greatest purpose by stepping into self-love.  

She’s a leader who encourages hard questions, vibrant collaboration, and, above all, vulnerability and trust. Her work begins and ends with the core belief that inspired ideas can change everything.

In this episode, Misty and Bryan discuss:

  • Why you should learn about yourself, your strengths and superpowers, and be able to communicate those to other people.
  • Being kind to yourself through hardship.
  • Why willingness is crucial to understanding what you don’t do well, and why that is important for success.

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