Tom Martin, often called by his affectionate nickname “Big Chef,” has dedicated 30 years to developing sales & marketing strategies to drive client success in the sales & marketing industry. He founded Converse Digital (his second agency) over 10 years ago with the singular goal of helping well-known brands like American Airlines, Hilton Hotels, Fireball Whisky, and others achieve and sustain sales growth, enhance brand perception and painlessly prospect for new customers. 

Outside of Converse Digital, Tom delivers keynotes, breakout sessions, and workshops for conferences and companies around the globe. He’s also written for numerous online and offline outlets, including Advertising Age Magazine, as well as his first book, “The Invisible Sale”, which is a field guide to creating a successful Painless Prospecting system to find and win today’s invisible sales opportunities.

Tom previously held tenures that include stints at Peter Mayer Advertising, Brandmarken Communications (his first agency), Zehnder Communications, and TM Advertising (formerly Temerlin McClain). Tom is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and a Longhorn for life.

In this episode, Tom and Bryan discuss:

  • How a better family life leads to better businesses
  • Tom’s experience living in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina
  • Slowing things down to enjoy life


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